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Experience New Mexico at Pueblo Feast Days This Summer

New Mexico Pueblo Feast DaysIf there is one thing to know and understand about New Mexico, it is the value and appreciation shown to the variety of historical and cultural identities that have shaped this beautiful state.  Many of the events that make New Mexico such a fun place to visit and live in have their beginnings in cultural celebration.  Of the most popular of these celebrations are the popular Indian and Spanish Markets in Santa Fe, regional Native American Pueblo Feast Days, and the variety of other fiestas happening around the state.  Summer is a popular time to visit both Santa Fe and Albuquerque, for the variety of tourist-friendly celebrations happening in and around these cities.  If you travel to New Mexico in search of an authentic cultural experience, then we invite you to join regional Native American Pueblo Feast Days with Pueblos across New Mexico.  Rooms are booking up quickly th is summer, so don’t waste time in making your reservations at our historic New Mexico Bed and Breakfast, located midway between the cities of Santa Fe and Albuquerque.

Native American Pueblo Feast Days

There are 19 Pueblos still in existence in New Mexico today, and the people living in these Pueblos are descendants of the indigenous Native American Tribes that have been rooted in the southwest for centuries.  Throughout the year, Native American tribal members gather together for their Pueblo Feast Days, which are a time to celebrate their traditional language, culture, and religions.  Native American Pueblo’s are open to the public on these days, which allows guests to celebrate this wonderful connection to the past with tribal members, for a truly authentic New Mexican experience.  Each Pueblo Feast Day is named after the Pueblo’s Patron Saint, and will feature a bountiful feast, as well as traditional dances and songs throughout the day.

New Mexico Pueblo Feast DaysThere are several Pueblos located near our bed and breakfast, within easy reach for an exciting day trip.  For a truly welcoming experience, head to the Cochiti Pueblo for St. Buenaventura’s Day, held every year on July 14th.  The Cochiti Pueblo is located just 15-20 minutes away from our bed and breakfast, allowing you to easily participate a full day of music, dancing, and costumes with this Native American Pueblo.  The next day, head north to the popular Taos Pueblo, for the annual intertribal powwow, where you’ll learn the history of this beautiful Pueblo, and enjoy song and dance that have been passed down through the generations.  The historic Taos Pueblo is the largest surviving multistoried pueblo in the United States, and offers its guests a truly authentic New Mexican Pueblo experience.  In Taos, you’ll experience the spirit and unique way of life established nearly ten centuries ago.  No matter which Pueblo you choose to visit, please be familar with Pueblo ettiquette, and remain respectful of these wonderful aspects of modern day New Mexican culture.  We look forward to sharing in this piece of New Mexico’s culture with you, when you choose to stay at our historic Inn.

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