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A Day of Birding in New Mexico

New Mexico birdingThere are approximately 500 different birds on New Mexico’s state bird list, so it should come as no surprise that there are a lot of spectacular places for birding enthusiasts to spend their day.  In fact, thanks to the incredible diversity of habitat found in the region, Albuquerque, New Mexico ranks as number four for bird diversity in the United States, opening up endless birding possibilities for amateurs and experienced birders alike.  Here, thanks to the Rio Grande River Valley and the beautiful Sandia Mountains, bird enthusiasts can enjoy birdwatching at three distinct elevations, and can interact with nature in a new and inspiring way.  Though the peak to New Mexico birding comes in late spring, it is a rewarding experience no matter what time of year you go, thanks to our incredible diversity of native birds.  Book your stay at our peaceful and historic Bed and Breakfast today, and start planning your New Mexico birding adventure.

New Mexico Birding Locations

In the Albuquerque area, The Rio Grande Nature Center in the Bosque (Cottonwood forest) is the gateway for people looking to see birds in the wooded area of the valley along the Rio Grande. Here, you’ll find over 200 species of native birds to watch in their natural habitat.  Crowd favorite and New Mexico State bird, the Roadrunner, is also a predictable resident in the valley.  Another wonderful place to sink into a day of birding is the Bosque del Apache, located just south of Albuquerque.  In this beautiful nature conservancy, you’ll find peak numbers of birds from November through February, where you’ll see thousands of geese, sandhill cranes, many varieties of ducks, hawks, eagles, blackbirds, crows, roadrunners, herons, sparrows, grebes, coots, and other birds along with occasional reptiles, amphibians and mammals, such as mule deer, coyotes, and jackrabbits.  During the fall, you may even be lucky enough to spot the American white pelican.

New Mexico birdingIf you’d like to head north and stay near Santa Fe, then the best birding spot is without a doubt the portion of Santa Fe Canyon at the end of Upper Canyon Road and the Randall Davey Audobon Center and sanctuary. Bounded by thousands of acres of national forest land, this area provides a peaceful place to spend a day as you observe the many plants and animals found here in all seasons.  The Audobon Society has also put together a wonderful list of places to go birding between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, which is helpful for first time birders to the area.  This trail includes wonderful places such as Cochiti Lake, Tent Rocks National Monument, Tres Pistoles Canyon, Sunrise Springs, and the Sandia Mountains.  No matter whether it’s your first time or your thousandth time, New Mexico is a wonderful place to enjoy a day of birding.  Book your stay at our New Mexico Bed and Breakfast today, and start mapping out your path to bird watching paradise.

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